Aerial Roof and Building Inspections


Visionary Aerials does inspections for commercial and residential properties.  A roof or building inspection can save people from dangerous and tedious work of manual inspection on ladders and ropes.  Capturing high quality imagery in 4K video and 20 megapixel stills it is possible to remotely scan for problems and record the images for later use with insurance or contractors who will perform repairs or claims. Imagery is supplied via digital delivery on a private drop box to the client. 

After examination of these images, the inspector or client can see what their property looks like from above in a perspective simply not available from a person on a ladder and much more safely.  Looking further into these images we located an area of damage and the client took action to resolve the issue.  Proof arial imagery brings value to clients.  For information regarding inspections click contact and reach out for a custom quote.