Aerial Perspectives

Aerials bring new life to a location offer a different perspective.  These perspectives are dictated by the medium including still photograph, video recording, 2D and 3D mapping.   

First a still photograph from an aerial platform shows an angle that could not be taken before without a camera free to move.  The shot frames Boulder Colorado through the Redrocks formation just west of town. 

Second, a video recording offers dynamic yet linear representation of the location.  Here the copter reveals the Boulder Colorado offering a more dramatic view with music and titles to add context and fill out the experience. 

Another way to understand a landscape is to look at a map or an overhead view.  Here is an example of the same formation viewed as a 2D map. The Map below shows an overhead of the video flight path above.  You can see the rock formation on the left and the houses to the right. 

The final example, and most interactive is a 3D map.  This allows the viewer to interact with the map and understand the geography in a more dynamic way.  These mapping features are valuable for agriculture, commercial development, real estate, and more.  

The different aerial perspectives available for one location are many, and their purposes diverse. Visionary Aerials strives to provide solutions for clients needs from basic to advanced or specialized.  If you have any questions about what we can do please contact us above.